APT 6 Skin Co

Stratford, Ontario

Good things come in small batches.

About the brand

With Apt. 6 Skin Co. it's simple. They want you to know exactly what you’re getting in every product. Simple ingredients, tried and true with months of testing going into every creation. A long process that produces a superior, uncomplicated product. Essential oils and gemstones have been used for treatments and therapy for several centuries, but it is easy for modern day people to dismiss their effectiveness. Apt. 6 Skin Co. experienced just how potent and wonderful they could be during their eldest daughter’s fight with severe anxiety. Their child psychologist incorporated essential oils and healing crystals into her therapy. Much to their astonishment, those ingredients had a very positive influence on her and they saw the difference. They then decided to create self-care products, that their daughter could use in her daily routine, from these same ingredients. These products are now available to all so people of all ages can benefit from them. Safe, non-toxic and pretty epic products at the palm of your hands!