Salt-N-Sea Lavender & Vanilla Body Scrub


This incredible body scrub made by Nova Scotia Fisherman, from New Minas, NS is handmade with premium local ingredients. Using Sea buckthorn provides intense vitamin C & collagen support, while Sea Kelp helps prevent inflammation and irritation from changing weather, dry patches, and harsh conditions.

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 Our Salt N Sea Body scrub is an all natural scrub & soothing oil moisturizer for feet, hands, and damaged areas. This sea-salt heavy scrub helps exfoliate and remove dead skin, while nourishing with a rich all-natural oil formula.

(5.4oz / 153g)
Ingredients: Nova Scotia Sea Kelp, Atlantic Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Meadowfoam, Vitamin E; Scent: Calming & Clean – Natural Lavender Oil, Fresh Lavender Seed, Sweet Vanilla Coconut