Plant based protein bars – Chocolate


The world’s healthiest “chocolate bar”?

People often stop us on the street and ask, “is it really the world’s healthiest chocolate bar?”. Maybe yes, maybe no, but what we do know is that this bar is an iron-rich, plant-based protein bomb that tastes like a mug of rich hot chocolate that fits right in your pocket!

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Next Level Foods is looking to lead the way toward a healthier, more environmentally-sustainable, plant-based diet with hemp-based snacks that have been cleverly disguised as decadent homemade treats. Proudly made in Lions Bay, BC.

ingredients: dates, organic pumpkin seed protein powder, coconut, cocoa, Himalayan pink salt
(all next level bars are vegan and free of added sweeteners and all common allergens, including gluten, dairy, nuts, and soy)